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What - whakamārama

What the system covers

In this section you can find out what sorts of things the Classification Office can classify, and what things are regulated by other systems. You'll also learn what the New Zealand classification labels that you see on things like DVDs mean.

What we classify

We can classify a wide range of things. Most of what we classify comes under the definition of a 'film', and includes cinema films, DVDs, Blu-rays and other home video formats, online movies and TV shows, console and computer games, and electronic moving image files. We can also classify books and magazines, and music. This page looks at what we must classify, and what we can classify when asked to do so. Find out more

What we don't classify

We don't regulate broadcasting on TV or radio. Newspapers and magazines can be classified, but complaints are usually dealt with by the New Zealand Press Council. Some forms of advertising can be classified, but advertising is generally regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority. This page explores these in detail. Find out more

What the classification symbols mean

Films supplied to the public in New Zealand must display NZ classification information. The classification symbols are colour coded like traffic lights - red (restricted), yellow (may not be suitable for everyone) or green (anyone can view). This page shows the full range of classification symbols and what they all mean. Find out more

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