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History of censorship - 1972

Academic arrested

Visiting academic Germaine Greer is arrested for using obscene language in public.

The following is taken from a speech by the Hon. Margaret Wilson introducing Germaine Greer on 19 August 2001:

My first experience of listening to Germaine was in 1972 when she visited Auckland after the publication of her first book The Female Eunuch. I recall the Town Hall was packed for her address, during which the word 'bullshit' was uttered by her. The result was her appearance in the Auckland Magistrates Court on two charges of using indecent language and a charge of using obscene language in public. Although the charges of indecent language were dismissed, Dr Greer was convicted and fined $45, plus $11.50 costs on the charge of obscene language. Predictably she refused to pay the fine but was saved 21 days imprisonment when the fine was paid by another. Undeniably, Germaine Greer had made an impression on a bemused New Zealand, which she is reported as saying, was 'an odd country with a curious sensibility'.

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Cover of The Female Eunuch
Cover of The Female Eunuch