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How - tukanga

How we classify

Ever wondered how it all works? The Classification System is a bit like life. There are steps to follow to do it, there are rules and if you break them penalties, you can appeal things you don't like, and countries all over the world do it. Intrigued?

How films and other publications are classified

Every publication, whether it's a film, game, book, magazine, T-shirt, text message or something else, goes through three stages to get a New Zealand classification. This page explains the stages in detail. Find out more

How the system is enforced

Classifications are not enforced by New Zealand's Classification Office. Enforcement, or making sure that people abide by the classification law, is the job of three agencies: the NZ Police, NZ Customs, and the Censorship Compliance Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). This page introduces you to the three censorship enforcement agencies. Find out more

How appeals work

There are several different ways that a classification decision can be changed. This page explains them all. Find out more

How our system compares to other countries

Social, cultural, legal and historical factors affect how a country treats its citizens' access to information. Censorship in some countries is greatly influenced by political or religious convictions or idealogies. This page explores how our classification system compares to six other systems around the world. Find out more

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